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Don’t settle for average. Your home inspection should exceed industry standards. As a home buyer you can protect yourself and buying a home is to big of a decision to not do it the right way. Trust me, the costs of associated system repairs, replacement and maintenance of a home can be staggering and even more so if it is a surprise. A home inspection completed by a certified, highly trained and educated home inspector should highlight these deficiencies, speak to the implications of foregoing required system repairs and also speak to the life expectancy of systems and materials so can plan for the future. Your home inspection should clearly communicate this information and you should not accept anything less. Years ago when I first looked into the home inspection industry, I thought, “what a fantastic opportunity to make a difference, something I could be proud of and provide true value”. Helping people make informed buying decisions regarding what may be the biggest investment and decision of their lives, what an honor.

Upon additional research of the home inspection industry, with years of experience already in the inspection space, I thought to myself “there are alarming gaps in this very fragmented industry” and home buyers are the ones paying the biggest price because of it. In Alberta there were no licensing requirements to operate a home inspection company, no minimum set of training standards nor certifications to ensure competency and quality. The list went on, which is why I felt the opportunity would be a perfect fit for me. I truly care about my clients and I knew that I could bring another level of professionalism to the home inspection industry by doing it the right way. To do it the right way and provide the best quality home inspection each and every time we have stayed true to three simple principles.


Our Clients are always first in our minds. Right from the time we initially work with you to years beyond that, InspectionPROOF™ has your back.


We make it our mantra to research and seek out the best training and education programs our industry has to offer. The investment in making us better home inspectors is ALWAYS worth the investment for not only our customers, but us as well.


We always ensure that we spend as much time necessary to thoroughly go through every aspect of every house we inspect. We have invested in the most advanced technologies and utilize the best investigative techniques and industry best practices. We truly do more than most.

What have we learned over the years and where are we going?

We have learned that the opportunity in the home inspection industry was as big and rewarding as we thought and what we thought would raise the level of professionalism and add value works. We have grown as a company to three inspectors, expanded our service area to include Edmonton and all surrounding areas. Most importantly, our genuine commitment to be our best everyday and our guiding principles have served our clients and our company well. We have served thousands of happy clients and continue to look for ways to exceed our clients expectations and industry standards.

Thank you for considering inspectionPROOF™ for your home inspection. You deserve more. Don’t accept average.
“Protect Yourself” with an inspectionPROOF™ home inspection.

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Your qualified inspector will review the homes Structural System, Exterior, Roof System, Plumbing System, Electrical System, Heating System, Air Conditioning System, Interior, Insulation, Ventilation, Fireplace, Solid Fuel Burning Appliances and generate an electronic report documenting the findings, including digital images.