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Extensive but not exhaustive, on a daily basis our inspectors commonly come across a lot of the deficiencies noted below. A knowledgeable home inspector following a strict process and using the most advanced inspection technologies and diagnostic techniques should produce results.

Water Damage

Active plumbing leaks, water infiltration in basements and crawlspaces and roof leaks. Water damage can cost thousands to repair and can raise concerns regarding health.

Roof Problems

Roof materials that are old and worn out or near the end of the life expectancy, required repairs to roof materials such as shingles and flashings as well as repairs done incorrectly and even new roofs installed incorrectly.

Foundation Cracks

From typical vertical cracks to cracks progressed or separated a 1/2 inch. Horizontal cracks which could cost into the tens of thousands to repair.

Electrical Problems

Hot Spots detected with the thermal camera. Loose lights, switches, electrical outlets, incorrectly wired outlets, knob and tube wiring, aluminum wiring which is known to have problems, 60 Amp services which require an upgrade to 100 Amp. Lots of safety issues!

Plumbing Issues

Loose leaking toilets and faucets, concealed leaks in walls and ceilings, hotwater tanks past their 8-12 year life expectancy, inoperative sump systems and inadequate home owner repairs or materials are common.

Heating Issues

Major components past or near the end of the life expectancy, cracked or rusted heat exchangers and venting problems which are major safety concerns because of carbon monoxide, also maintenace related items including humidifier and HRV systems.

Exterior System Problems

Unfunctional Gutters, Downspouts, Grading, all pivitol in managing surface water and preventing bigger problems. Cracked settling concrete flat work that can cost thousands to repair and tens of thousands to replace. Rotted and incorrectly built decks and balconies are common.

Safety Issues

Trip hazards due to deterioration of sidewalks or incorrect rise and run of steps and loose, missing or weak rail systems. Safety issues arise in just about all systems of the home.

Building Envelope

Loose siding incorrectly installed or ineffective flashings, bulging cracked stucco, moisture penetration on EIFS, missing damaged parging, loose sofitt and facia due to wind damage, missing drip edges.

Interior Problems

Deteriorated floor coverings, drywall damage, doors that bind, have a poor fit, loose door hardware, windows that are difficult to operate or dual pane windows that have lost there seal and loose deteriorated cabinetry.

Insulation and Ventilation

Non-existent insulation or voids in walls and attics, missing or compromised vapour barrier, inoperable or incorrectly vented bathroom fans.

Mould, Asbestos, Rodents

Asbestos is common in older properties in insulations, ceiling and floor tiles, duct cladding on heat runs and plaster in walls. Mould that is visible and in areas that are to a greater extent in hard to inspect areas.

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