Home & Property Inspection Plans

Using the most advanced inspection technologies & diagnostic techniques.

inspectionPROOF™ Home and Property Inspection Plans

We offer a variety of home and property inspection plans to meet all of your needs. Review what inspection services are included in each of the plans below and learn more about our Pre-Purchase Inspection, New Home Warranty Inspection, Certified Thermal Scan, Pre-Listing Inspection, and Building Investigations.

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  • Advantage and Advantage Plus base pricing above applies to single detached homes under 1500 square feet. An additional charge of $5 per 100 square feet will apply to bigger homes.
  • Condo Plus base pricing above applies to apartment-style condos/townhomes up to 1500 square feet. Base price for condos/townhomes which require roof and exterior system inspection is $450 up to 1500 square feet. An additional charge of $5 per 100 square feet will apply to bigger condos/townhomes.
  • Add $25 for finished basement, $50 for basement/in-law suite.
  • Re-inspection and/or return visits to verify repairs – base price $150.
  • GST applies to all services.

Pre-Purchase Inspection:

Protect Yourself! Against the costs associated with both major and minor required repairs, needed system replacement and maintenance. The information provided by a pre-purchase home inspection can save you thousands of dollars. A thorough home inspection will provide this important information. The knowledge of immediate required repairs to rectify safety issues or prevent further deterioration or damage to the home is protection in itself. Add to that, information regarding life expectancy of installed systems and materials and a home buyer is in a position to confidently manage their purchase and plan for the future. The homes 9 systems will be inspected in accordance with the C.A.H.P.I. Standard and a detailed report will be developed outlining condition items or deficiencies and any systems or materials at or near the end of the life expectancy.

New Home Warranty Inspection:

The start of the process, sometimes referred to as a Pre-Delivery Inspection or PDI, this thorough inspection identifies deficiencies in workmanship and systems or materials and ensures that the home is safe, complete and ready for possession. It creates the base line. InspectionPROOF™ inspectors are trained to identify deficiencies common in new home construction. They are knowledgeable about modern building practices and construction performance guidelines which essentially are the measure for defining the criteria for warrantable issues. The findings of the detailed inspection are outlined in an electronic report complete with digital images and when applicable thermal images. A pre-delivery inspection can document damage, unfinished work and deficiencies not noted by builder or municipal inspectors.

Certified Thermal Scan:

This is a service that is unique to inspectionPROOF™. We are the pioneers of bringing thermal imaging into the home. Its a process we have been working on for more than 3000 inspections and its proven its value. The use of the thermal imaging camera is integrated into the regular home inspection process. Our inspectors are Certified Level 1 and Level 2 thermographers that have been trained internally on this unique process. Active concealed plumbing leaks, water infiltration, electrical hotspots and insulation voids in walls and attics are commonly detected when completing the scan. Thermal images of conditions or deficiencies are provided along with regular digital images in the home inspection report or alternatively in a separate report.

Pre-Listing Inspection:

“Sell your home faster and for more money”. No different than a regular pre-purchase inspection, the home’s systems and materials are inspected. The difference is in the approach and the benefits to the seller are many. To name a few: managing objections, marketing advantages and time. Completing required repairs, replacement and maintenance of the homes systems, eliminates potential objections or at least prepares the seller to manage objections that in some cases they may not even be aware of, however could ultimately kill the deal. Studies have shown that buyers who become aware of required repairs of systems or materials as a result of a home inspection, will request price reductions in the range of 2-3 times more than the actual cost of the repair. Marketing the property as a pre-inspected home and making the information available to potential home buyers is appreciated. Home buyers appreciate the transparency and good will of a pre-listing inspection encouraging stronger offers and fair negotiation.

Building Investigations:

New home or old problems can start to show themselves. Whether it be failing systems, damage due to weather and or incorrect installation with respect to replacement of systems or materials, we have the knowledge and expertise to help. Building investigations are managed on a case by case basis. Reporting on the findings is available upon request in the form of electronic reports including digital images and if necessary, thermal images.

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Your qualified inspector will review the homes Structural System, Exterior, Roof System, Plumbing System, Electrical System, Heating System, Air Conditioning System, Interior, Insulation, Ventilation, Fireplace, Solid Fuel Burning Appliances and generate an electronic report documenting the findings, including digital images.